Sense – 42 Holiday FPV Flights – Truganina Park

sense_42 Holiday FPV flights_truganina

  As part of the locations we went to and i subsequently flew at, over my birthday period.. here is the Truganina Park flights.. spliced together .. Enjoy!   Went to Truganina Park .. not far from where i live .. and had some great time flying !.. i highly recommend this location .. for … Continue reading

Sense – 42 Holiday FPV Flights

sense_42 Holiday FPV flights

  Went to various places in Victoria Australia on a holiday with my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday.. and did some flying. Thank you Ani for being with me and being a wonderful girlfriend and a great spotter! :D Flight Locations.. “sunset park” – Point cook Peppers Sands Resort Golf course – Torquay Logan’s Beach … Continue reading

Sense – Footscray Fly (Ani edition)

sense_footscrayfly (ani edition)

Had a bit of a fly with with my girlfriend and my ZMR250 at a park in Footscray Melbourne Australia. This is the footage she took of me flying Enjoy!

Sense – Highpoint Carkpark Fly


Had a fun time flying inside this carparking area at Highpoint Melbourne Australia.. my gf waited in the car ahaha ..