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The Wonder of Flying..

Been a minute since i flew down with Alfie and William .. This time we flew at “proposed park” (i think its a working title) .. What can i say but .. i’m constantly astounded at the places quads end up when crashing! Enjoy! Music: Sense – Wwonder get it here —-  https://senseaudio.bandcamp.com/track… Setup:.. Airpix … Continue reading


Pink Sunset FPV

  Flying a second location with my mate Feelin FPV .. just when the sun was setting.. much more relaxed and chilled out flying.. i like flying at this location.. its open yet still nice things to fly around and through .. Enjoy! Music:Sense – Satsine #FPV #FPVFreestyle #aviation Setup: TBS Source One v0.2 Flyduino … Continue reading

FPV At the Viaduct

Met up with FEELIN FPV, A/W Kinetic their friend joe… and Martin for a fly at the Viaduct .. it was fun and exciting .. and challenging .. several crashes.. some things broken .. and endless amounts of conflicting VIDEO signals.. seemed to make it even more so challening.. But it was fun nonetheless .. … Continue reading

FPV With Jason Part 2

  Part 2 of the Session with my mate Jason down at Campbells Cove.. I really enjoyed the way i was flying here.. really felt the flow and thought it was better to keep all the footage in as much as possible.. This results in a rather long video.. so once again .. those with … Continue reading

Pink Lake FPV

  Some strange over salination .. of a man made lake .. in Melbourne has caused the water to turn PINK.. wonderful isnt it ? .. hmm .. well its something to see anyway .. and it seems packed with tourists at the moment wanting to catch a glimpse of this totally MANMADE phenomenon .. … Continue reading