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The Wonder of Flying..

Been a minute since i flew down with Alfie and William .. This time we flew at “proposed park” (i think its a working title) .. What can i say but .. i’m constantly astounded at the places quads end up when crashing! Enjoy! Music: Sense – Wwonder get it here —-  https://senseaudio.bandcamp.com/track… Setup:.. Airpix … Continue reading


Grimes Flats FPV

  Was flying down at a new place with Alfie , William and Martin.. Had a nice time.. i enjoyed flying there.. Tried flying through some pipes that were laying around.. and tried to fly out of one of them when i got stuck inside one.. I decided for some reason to fly it out … Continue reading

Forever FPV

  Second location i flew i returned from brisbane after doing my REPL training.. Same gopro settings .. meaning same wobble in the camera from stupid hero session 5 stability mode.. .. first session video is here.. https://youtu.be/M9QPp-rRa4Q I enjoyed this session flying .. up untill the part where i got stuck in a tree … Continue reading

5 Days Later FPV

I went to brisbane and did my RePL and AROC training at Ace aviation.. Thanks heaps Gabe and Rod .. Matt, Ervin, Byron, Garren and all the other dudes ! .. great time and well worth doing.. Unfortunately i didnt get to do any FPV flying there..was gonna meet up with Strepto but didnt end … Continue reading