Not Money … FPV

  Some more free flying around the area.. enjoyed this session .. not thinking about money worries or anything.:) Flying FPV can really take your worries away and put your mind and soul in a special place.. Enjoy! Music: Hail Mary Mallon – Whales (sense acid mix) Setup:.. Airpix AP5 Flyduino Kiss V1 FC TMotor … Continue reading

Construction Progress FPV

  Ive flown here a number of times, they have been building on this site progressively for the last year or so .. ive crashed many times here.. crashed the AP5 here too in this session, strangely the antenna cable decided to come out of the tramp causing video loss .. so im flying alien … Continue reading

Saturday Several Spots FPV

  After Crashing last time i flew .. and breaking several things on the other quad AP5, including the GoPro Hero Session 4..I bought a new GoPro which is now session 5.. Decided i had to test it .. to see how i liked the video quality from it .. I used my Alien 5″ … Continue reading

Boardwalk Boulevard FPV Golden Hour

  After having some problems crashing the quad due to unexplained video problems .. I replaced the VTX as i thought thats what it was.. it turned out to be the camera that was faulty .. I replaced the foxeer hs1177 camera with a runcam Swift Mini, video is fine and im happily confidently flying … Continue reading