Source One Maiden FPV

  After breaking the corner of an arm on my trusty old AP5 which ive had and have been flying for almost 2 years now.. Sadly the company that makes AP5 , Airpix no longer exists.. So i had to pretty much replace the whole frame.. I transplaned the parts .. to the Source one … Continue reading

Personal Progress FPV

  I make no claims to be the best FPV pilot in the world .. i’ve been flying for about 3 years now.. I dont compete with anyone and im not trying to be anything. I fly FPV for the sheer love of doing it.. being in the sky and flying is such a great … Continue reading

Grimes Flats FPV

  Was flying down at a new place with Alfie , William and Martin.. Had a nice time.. i enjoyed flying there.. Tried flying through some pipes that were laying around.. and tried to fly out of one of them when i got stuck inside one.. I decided for some reason to fly it out … Continue reading

Forever FPV

  Second location i flew i returned from brisbane after doing my REPL training.. Same gopro settings .. meaning same wobble in the camera from stupid hero session 5 stability mode.. .. first session video is here.. I enjoyed this session flying .. up untill the part where i got stuck in a tree … Continue reading