Sense – Footscray Fly

Had a bit of a fly with with my girlfriend and my ZMR250 at a park in Footscray Melbourne Australia. Enjoy! Advertisements

Sense – Live @ Psychedelic Kitchen on Alex TV Berlin 07/12/2013

Gig @ Punters Club

These pics came from Rowan , “from the archives” , anyway they mainly feature me @ a gig in 1996 @ Punters Club now known as Bimbo.. in Brunswick st Fitzroy. If i can remember it was a pretty good gig , i think i played acid with a bit of strings. :D

Old pics circa 1996

Well heres some pics from an old GIG Radek,Nathan,Cameron and I did in Canberra in 1996. We left at about 6 in the morning from Melbourne with a roofrack full of synths and gear packed in the car. We ate Beefmiesters along the way at most available McDonalds outlets. We Visited Parliament house and posed … Continue reading