Cruising CAVOK FPV

  Cruising on a Friday Afternoon .. Altitude 1 to 50m YM?? 05500Z 20014KT CAVOK 14/08 Q1023 NOSIG Bit of a fly with the Alien Slammed.. down at an area where there was no one around .. and no danger to anyone.. nothing special :) Practising my cruising and staying smooth and low .. No … Continue reading

Beware of dogs! FPV

      Went for a fly with Alfie and William and Martin too .. was a really cool session i enjoyed it alot.. Ever flown at a big open park space .. and had your quad chased by dogs ?:) Well this happened to me today .. I am happy to get out of … Continue reading

Not Money … FPV

  Some more free flying around the area.. enjoyed this session .. not thinking about money worries or anything.:) Flying FPV can really take your worries away and put your mind and soul in a special place.. Enjoy! Music: Hail Mary Mallon – Whales (sense acid mix) Setup:.. Airpix AP5 Flyduino Kiss V1 FC TMotor … Continue reading

Construction Progress FPV

  Ive flown here a number of times, they have been building on this site progressively for the last year or so .. ive crashed many times here.. crashed the AP5 here too in this session, strangely the antenna cable decided to come out of the tramp causing video loss .. so im flying alien … Continue reading