Cruising CAVOK FPV

  Cruising on a Friday Afternoon .. Altitude 1 to 50m YM?? 05500Z 20014KT CAVOK 14/08 Q1023 NOSIG Bit of a fly with the Alien Slammed.. down at an area where there was no one around .. and no danger to anyone.. nothing special :) Practising my cruising and staying smooth and low .. No … Continue reading

Beware of dogs! FPV

      Went for a fly with Alfie and William and Martin too .. was a really cool session i enjoyed it alot.. Ever flown at a big open park space .. and had your quad chased by dogs ?:) Well this happened to me today .. I am happy to get out of … Continue reading

Toxic FPV

I did some naughty things when flying the FPV .. heheheh don’t you know that i’m toxxxxxxxiiiiiicc… (the horse knows i am ..=) Enjoy! Music: Yaël Naïm – Toxic (sense headspin mix) Setup:.. Airpix AP5 Flyduino Kiss V1 FC TMotor f40 motor Spedix 20A ESC running DSHOT 600 ImmersionRC Tramp VAS Crosshair / TBS Triumph … Continue reading

Not Money … FPV

  Some more free flying around the area.. enjoyed this session .. not thinking about money worries or anything.:) Flying FPV can really take your worries away and put your mind and soul in a special place.. Enjoy! Music: Hail Mary Mallon – Whales (sense acid mix) Setup:.. Airpix AP5 Flyduino Kiss V1 FC TMotor … Continue reading