Forever FPV


Second location i flew i returned from brisbane after doing my REPL training.. Same gopro settings .. meaning same wobble in the camera from stupid hero session 5 stability mode.. ..

first session video is here..

I enjoyed this session flying .. up untill the part where i got stuck in a tree after diving the tower.. and the quad landed inside a fenced off power/water station area..

i was going to try and climb the fence to get it back .. but the place is under video surveilence .. so i thought ill call the water/power people instead and see if they dont mind coming to help me open the gate to get it out.. they laughed at me cos i got my “drone” stuck in there..

In the end i stuck a long branch through the fence .. hooked it on a battery strap of the quad and managed to flick it over the fence..


#fpvfreestyle #flying #drones #sense
Music: Sense – Forever
buy it here:…


ImpulseRC Alien. 5″ Slammed
AUW:560 grams

Flyduino Kiss V1 FC
TMotor F40 II Pro Adamantium 2600kv motor
Flycolour X-Cross BL32 35A (dshot 600)
TBS Unify Pro HV v3
VAS Crosshair patch 8dBi / TBS Triumph
Fatshark Dominator V2
Furious True D diversity RX module
Foxeer Predator Micro V3

Taranis 9XD Plus
TBS Crossfire Micro TX
TBS Crossfire Nano RX
GoPro Hero Session 5 / 1080p Superview 30fps
Thunder Power – Adrenaline / Mr Steel Ripping balls 1300mah 4S
Thunder Power – Sugar Rush 1500 mAh . Hi Voltage 4S
JOOS 1500 4S mah

Sense music:


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