Boardwalk Boulevard FPV Golden Hour


After having some problems crashing the quad due to unexplained video problems .. I replaced the VTX as i thought thats what it was.. it turned out to be the camera that was faulty ..

I replaced the foxeer hs1177 camera with a runcam Swift Mini, video is fine and im happily confidently flying again..

This flight was a test flight .. so i wasnt sure how it would go . .. but i think it turned out pretty nicely .. !

Hope you enjoy watching .. i enjoyed flying..

KEEP FLYING ! .. you will always get better the more you spend time doing it !..

Music: Nacht-Plank-The Fallow Field (sense luminous balls of light mix2)

Quad Setup.

Airpix AP5
Flyduino Kiss FC
TMotor f40 II motor
Spedix 20A ESC running DSHOT 600
TBS unify Pro v2 / TBS Triumph
Fatshark Dominator V2 running Furious True D diversity RX module
ImmersionRC Spironet patch 8dBi / TBS Triumph
Spektrum DX6
Spedix RX Spektrum Satellite receiver
HQ prop 5x4x3 V1S PC
Runcam Swift Mini FPV camera
GoPro Hero Session 4 / 1080p Superview
Thunder Power – Adrenaline / Mr Steel Ripping balls 1300mah 4S

Youtube FPV playlist:

Sense music:



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