Old High School FPV


Flying down at the old high school i went to ..
They seem to have created a reserve and park kinda area.. around there now .. But since it used to be landfill .. in the days i went to school there.. it wasnt the best RF!!!..

Anyway awesome to fly there will do so again soon..
First flight with the go pro too ..
Enjoy !

Music: Sense – Victry


Airpix AP5 http://multirotorahop.com.au
MATEK PDB http://multirotorahop.com.au
Flyduino Kiss FC http://multirotorverse.com.au
TMotor f40 motor http://multirotorahop.com.au
Spedix 20A ESC running DSHOT 600 http://multirotorahop.com.au
TBS unify Pro v2 http://multirotorahop.com.au
Fatshark Dominator V2 running Furious D diversity module
ImmersionRC Spironet patch 8dBi / TBS Triumph http://multirotorahop.com.au
Spektrum DX6
Lemon RX Spektrum Satellite receiver
TBS Triumph on VTX http://multirotorahop.com.au
HQ prop 5x4x3 RR edition / V1S http://multirotorahop.com.au
Foxeer hs1177 http://multirotorahop.com.au
GoPro Hero Session 4 / 1080p Superview.. Wide..
BONKA/joos 1300Mah 4S http://multirotorahop.com.au

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Slightly illegal

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