Truganina Lost Phone Flights

I was flying down at this park which i have flown at before.. i had just got my AMR250 with new ZMX motors and some other improvements /. sorted and decided to go for a fly down there..

I was flying a few packs and several people had come up and talk to me about quads “drones” and everything else RC/FPV related..

I was reaching down to change a battery but i had my phone in the top shirt pocket.. and it fell out and inbetween the gaps of the deck i was set up on .. it was deep in there and i couldnt get it out..

Luckily two young men came up and asked me about my quad and alfi said he flies one too .. William .. had a Mavic .. they were both on their bikes..

Anyway after a long time of trying to get my phone .. William and Alfie came up with a great idea to make a kind of pliars device with 2 sticks and a piece of string.. IT WORKED!.. they got my phone out.. i was pretty amazed.. so I must say a huge thank you to Alfie and William! for helping me that day ..


Im pretty sure the flights in this video are made before the lost phone disaster!..

Originally filmed on 29th of January 2017


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