Sense – Stratus take me home (take 1)

2 Responses to “Sense – Stratus take me home (take 1)”
  1. Baby Diamond says:

    hi Adam! how are you doing? ? ? thankyou sooo much for the music i am listening now im just listening to peacefunction, after tomorrow started with visiting its a beauitful journey im taking this morning with your music and the visuals hope u dont mind i shared with my best friend in dubai stephanie a great american friend u saved me from the news…. im in the gulf and was reading “the gulf” with an ugly article with an ugly picture of donald trump on the cover all before i coffee now im lisrtening to peacefunction and its just the best how are you? im god just in abu dhabi to make money so i can hire a lawyer to get my dutch nationality and live and work in europe :) il either leave for amsredam next month or april, may its all a bit of a risk but im not feeling melbourne anymore at all sending lotsa love looking forward to hearing from you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • senseaudio says:

      :) hey Renata .. im here in melbourne i went to berlin a few years ago .. thats really where i think its at .. still. even though berlin is really changing too .. at the moment.. but also i think the world is a bit crazy at the moment (im understating it) to keep some peace.. its absolutely insane whats going on .. but i cant keep focussing on it .. i have to keep putting out things into the world that will balance the craziness i just hope to keep being able to do that.. im really glad you felt the songs .. im going to upload more and more you can grab some from the bandcamp site.. “name your price” or whatever :) ..
      <3 be well and please never lose your soul

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