Old pics circa 1996

Well heres some pics from an old GIG Radek,Nathan,Cameron and I did in Canberra in 1996. We left at about 6 in the morning from Melbourne with a roofrack full of synths and gear packed in the car. We ate Beefmiesters along the way at most available McDonalds outlets. We Visited Parliament house and posed for pics inside the House of Representatives. We Visited pawn shops and found new cool gear to buy. We played a gig with Tim and Bo ,@ club Sm:)e Canberra. We packed up and went home.

It was good.

And good to remember.

Cam and Radek, walkin around the back area of parliament house. And me skating.:D

Skate or die ! @ Australian Parliament House Canberra 1996

And here is Me,Nathan & Radek (m00) @ Sm:)e club Canberra 1996.

4 Responses to “Old pics circa 1996”
  1. evek/ewa says:

    hmmm… what about this Radek! Polish! :) he’s still in AUS??! you supposed to talk a little POLISH with so many polish friends! :D

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